Our business isn’t just a job, but it also means passion and fun. First, we are a family with a lot of
interests that come along with our daily work

Friends above all. They are always ready to party with us but also to help when we are in need.
Danilo started from the bottom, but along the road he has fortunately found many people who helped him and are still part of our life now. We consider friendship as a fundamental value and that’s why we often host nice dinners and happy little parties.

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Traditions are another factor that determines our attachment to Valle d’Aosta. For example, we always have a big bonfire on the 29th of June (Saints Peter and Paul): this procedure was used to sanitize the environment in the old days (attracted by the brightness of the fire, many disease carrier insects died because of the heat). Popular sports of the region like rebatta or fiolet are another element that ties us to our territory.

In Valle d’Aosta the viticulture is defined as “heroic” because of the slopes, the different types of soil, the climate, and other aspects too. For example, the soil has weak water retention which means we have to transport large quantities of water on our tractor using some very big tanks.
Even when it rains, water doesn’t seep into the ground, but it slips away because of the slope of the land. Moreover, we don’t have large fields to farm but we have many little plots of land: you can find our lowest vineyards at 650 m above s.l. and our highest ones at 900 m above s.l.

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giovani vignerons

The world is changing, and we evolve too. That’s why Giovani Vignerons (literally “young winegrowers”) was born. It’s a group of young and passionate farmers with the same goals: promoting
the territory and helping each other to achieve their dreams. Nicole is part of it!
Follow them on social media and get to know them better on their website

Follow them on social media  and get to know them better on their website

We respect and love all animals. Our beautiful cats and dogs keep us company while we work at
home and, sometimes, even in the vineyard.
(Hail Zeus, Ombra and Laila!)

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We also take great care of our lands. As a matter of fact, thanks to some financial contribution from the Regione Autonoma Valle d’Aosta, we are restoring many dry-stone walls.
We value as very important to take action in these activities, no matter if you own or you just rent the land where the wall is! The dry-stone walls are very nice and make the surroundings look a lot more well-finished.